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HOUSEBUMP | Making a space work 

Architect Rositsa Radomirova on finding inspiration and the importance of detail 

True professionals are always ready to offer not only their time and expertise, but also their artistic inspiration and passion in order to turn a project into a reality. Architect Rositsa Radomirova is aware of this principle and applies it in her work. Her studio, Housebump, specialises in commercial and residential design for private clients and real estate developers. Her personal touch, attention to detail and passion for creating visually pleasing and functional spaces guarantees a seamless process from design to completion.




What defines your style? 

I aim at clear and elegant design subordinated to function. I love natural materials and earth colours.


 What is the first thing you do when starting a project? 

- We try to understand the clients' desires, their goals and ideas for the space. The project’s goal is very important. Oftenly, residential interiors are designed for investment purposesas clients want to resell or rent them out. The specific purpose governs the approach we use.


 What is your favourite part of the designprocess?

- The whole process is very interesting as neither clients, nor projects are alike. The most interesting part is probably the execution, where organisation of time, logistics and the presence of good communication between all subcontractors are crucial.


Where do you find your inspiration?

- Everywhere in my daily life. When I travel to a different place, for example, I canfind inspiration in local restaurants and cafes, in the colours of local foods. Even the way people dress can give birth to new interior solutions.


Why is interior design important?

- An increasing number of people nowadays begin to value the benefits of having an interior project. It is not only a way to create a unique space that fits the particular client, but also a way to save them precious time and stress from getting lost in a process that is unfamiliar to them. In fact, people who have worked with an interior designer once are happy to do it again.


Which are the most common mistakes whendesigning an interior?

-Two-dimensional, layout thinking. There are many modern ways to visualize a project in 3D so that the full volume and atmosphere of the space can be felt.


Do you prefer a certain type of interior?

- All interiors are interesting and unique intheir own way. In residential interiors there are zoning and functions that should influence one another, working harmoniously together. Public interiorsare a type of case study as they should be very well defined and interesting at the same time, telling a story with a message targeted to a specific group of people.


How do you keep up to date?

- Happily there are many sources of information such as Pinterest and Instagram, blogs and specialised magazinesfrom which I get information and ideas. 


 Do you have a favourite style?

- I like minimalist, industrial and eclecticstyle. Detail is crucial in all of these. Regardless of the budget, if attention has been paid to the details and the design carries a message, the result willmake a lasting impression. I am an architect by trade but for me interior design, unlike architecture, allows much more means of expression such as accessories, materials and textures. All of these can be used to make a space unique. 


 What is the greatest challenge in your work?

- Many people believe that designing an interior is a very creative process. The truth ,however, is that creativity is a minor part ofthe work. About 90% of the process is solving problems in the execution phase. Design is the easy part, while implementation is the biggest challenge. The latter unlike the former necessitates thatall problems that arise are solved promptly as they can interfere with theproject deadlines severely.


What is your most significant professionalachievement?

- The happiness to meet colleagues, professionalsand subcontractors with whom I have created excellent relationships allowing our work towardsthe end goal to always be pleasant.


How do you see yourself in the future?

- I hope that I can always be assatisfied with my work as I am now. 


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